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About Gabi

For the past 18 years, I’ve worked in different countries and cities. Along the way, I’ve realized how much I love connecting with people.

However, I found myself in a vicious cycle, working hard but not feeling emotionally fulfilled. There was a void in my life.

I had become absolutely burned out after many years of working with personal training clients and overtraining. My body and spirit were breaking down.

I started searching for a sense of belonging and community. At this point, a new era had started to emerge. I was finally ready to rip off the band-aid and work on my old conditionings and beliefs. I knew I had to evolve.

While I lost touch and motivation with my own fitness journey I found a new way of living.

I started taking somatic therapy sessions where I was able to reconnect with my body and mind.

Triggers and conditionings got addressed that lived deep down in my body.

I realized that having my muscle activity shutdown was directly related to improper training and emotional trauma.

The fast paced fitness lifestyle felt foreign to me all the sudden. I could not connect to this competitive environment, however, that was all I knew in my whole life.

I wondered what my next step in life would be.

My somatic therapist showed me a different way, a slower, a more gentle approach that I started incorporating into my fitness sessions with my clients. I started to see the connection between poor body mechanics, physical and emotional trauma. It’s all connected.

The tools I have been learning the last couple of years are revolutionary since they don’t follow the typical fitness methods. These tools help you feel safe in your own body and the environment you are in. They help you thrive under any situation or circumstance life throws your way. You build resilience.

This method is called Trauma-Informed Personal Training. First I didn’t know it existed.

Luckily I found this course and I instantly felt home and heard. TI-PT (Trauma-Informed Personal Training) helped me understand the connection between trauma and nervous system dysregulation. And how it affects the physiology and body mechanics of the body.

My goal is to teach these tools to women who have been active, but struggling with the standard concept of fitness, and are ready to turn the corner by choosing a more mindful approach.

I choose to bring connection between mind and body in this sped up world we live in.

I’d like to be in your service.


Hope Ignited – Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Life Coach – Yoga and Life Coach Training

Standard First AID/CPR-C/AED

FMS Level 1 and Level 2

Group Fitness Instructor – YMCA, Canada

Personal Trainer – International Wellness Institute, Hungary

Group Fitness Instructor – Fitness Academy, Hungary