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Sliding Scale Price List​

As a Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer I take huge pride in being able to offer Sliding Scale prices.

What does ‘sliding scale’ mean?

You choose your package price based on your income. That’s where honesty comes into play.

I offer unlimited spots for ‘Re-balancing and Fair Packages’.

I offer 3 spots at the time for the ‘Supported Package’.

Please keep in mind if you choose the lowest price while you could afford a higher one, you’re taking the opportunity away from someone who is in need of the ‘Supported Package’ offer.

  • Re-balancing package $1600/12 sessions
  • Fair package $1350/12 sessions
  • Supported package $1100/12 sessions

Each session is 60-75 minutes.

If you look for a package that is less or more than 12 sessions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Price options are available based on mutual agreement.

Please be advised GST is not included.