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Terms & Conditions

Clients are responsible to keep or cancel their appointments. Reminders are not always given for each appointment. A full 24 hours notice is required for cancelling appointments. (If you’re cancelling a Monday appointment, 48 hours notice is required.)

Clients who fail to cancel within 24 hours before appointment or fail to show up for a scheduled appointment (“no show”) are billed for the full cost of their scheduled session.

In order to be consistent with all clients, cancellation fees will only be waived in the event of a medical emergency requiring urgent professional treatment, a death in the family, natural disaster or any other emergency that has left you too unwell to attend.

If Gabi Varga cancels your appointment within 24 hours’ notice, (unless due to sickness or emergency) your next appointment is free of charge. In the unlikely event, she does not show up for your scheduled appointment, your next appointment is also free.

​Follow up appointments will not be conducted until balances for previous appointments have been paid.