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Trauma-Informed Personal Training

Thank you for being interested in moving in a Trauma-Informed way.

Does any of the following sound like your path?

You like to do some forms of exercise, however you always like to learn more. For that reason you may have signed up with a personal trainer before but you didn’t feel respected, heard or safe. Now you’re hesitant to work with another trainer because the previous experience created trauma around fitness.


You have been a huge fitness fan. You’ve done it all. You wouldn’t stop and smell the roses.
You would be worried about missing a workout session either cardio or weights.
But you started to notice that your body doesn’t respond the same way or you get injured easily. You’re in pain and achy.
You may even have started noticing that you can’t activate certain muscle groups or you feel numb somewhere in your body. That is trauma!

If any of these above describe you, please feel free to reach out or schedule a free call with me.

If you’re not sure we are a good fit, don’t worry!
Still reach out, if I’m not your person I can direct you to another, amazing Trauma-Informed Trainer who can help you heal the safest way possible.

But before you schedule a call with me, check-in with yourself and ask …

“Does this feel good in my body?”

“Am I choosing this because I’m ready to heal my body and mind?”

If so, I’m there for you!

You can even sleep on it!

I want you to make an educated and sure decision on your health and fitness!

I’ll be there for you tomorrow, not only today. No rush!

Sending lots of love and clarity,

Your Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer

You get to choose from 3 options:

  • in-person training in gym settings (sessions take place in North Vancouver)
  • in-person training in the comfort of your home
  • virtually via Zoom

Sliding Scale Price List

Each session is 60-75 minutes

Re-balancing package $1600/12 sessions
Fair package $1350/12 sessions
Supported package $1100/12 sessions

If you look for a package that is less or more than 12 sessions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Price options are available based on mutual agreement.

Please be advised that GST is not included.